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Meet Rowena from Ludus Youth Dance Company

9th June 2015

Hi! I’m Row (Rowena) and I’m a member of the Ludus Youth Dance Company! We are Callum, Ellie, Eleanor, Sasha, Ashleigh, Holly, Nicole, Emma and me. Aged 14-18, we are a flagship youth dance company for the North West of the UK, based in Lancaster and are thrilled to be part of the U.Dance national event in Plymouth this July. !  

LudusWe’re super excited about coming down to Plymouth in July, and so honoured that we have the chance to be a part of this massive event in the youth dance world. Due to funding (or rather the lack of!) we have had to raise most of the money to get ourselves and the team to Plymouth. During our recent two day event, Lancashire Youth Dance Festival, we held a bake sale each day selling baked goodies to the people of Lancaster. Fundraising wouldn’t be fundraising without a bake sale! We then held an 8-hour sponsored ‘Dance-athon’ at Ludus Dance which was open to the public and was another of our fundraisers. 8 non-stop hours of dance, Phew!

Our biggest fundraiser yet however, is our Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a website on which people from all over the world can fund creative projects, and each project is backed by the pledgers who can donate anything from £1 upwards. You can see our Kickstarter here!

That’s all for now, thanks for reading the LYDC blog. See you in Plymouth next month ;)


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