U.Dance FAQs


Does it cost anything to register my event?

No – it’s free to register and you’ll receive the certificates and access to online resources to help make your event a great success. All we ask is that you include the U.Dance logo on all your promotional materials.

What do I have to do with the U.Dance logo and where do I get the U.Dance logo from?

Once you register your event you’ll be sent an email with a link to a private part of the website where you can download the U.Dance logo in various formats. There will also be Brand Guidelines for you to read there too. But in a nutshell, you’ll need to include the U.Dance logo on all your promotional materials (print and web based) for your event.

Is there a limit to the number of events I can register?

No – If you’re planning to register lots of events in one go, please email  and we’ll send you a spreadsheet to input all the details, so we can do them all together.

My performance event is only for young people at my school can I register it?

Sorry, performances must include more than one school or group to register for U.Dance. This is because one of the key objectives of the scheme is to encourage the sharing of people’s ideas with one-another. So why not invite another youth dance group or a class from a nearby school to join in with your event? You’ll get to increase opportunities in your area and hopefully make useful dance connections to build on in the future.

I need more than 100 certificates, how can I get more?

If you want more than the 100 certificates which are provided for free, you can either print off more yourself from the download available in the U.Dance Champions area of the site, or order more from Youth Dance England. They will cost £10 per additional hundred, incl p&p.

My event is next week, can I still register it?

Sorry, no. This doesn’t give us time to process your registration or you enough time to make use of the recourses or include the U.Dance logo on your promotional materials. Events must be registered at least 4 weeks before they’re due to take place.

What do I get out of registering my event?

Have a look at the ‘Benefits of Registering’ page for all the information.

Will you share my details with other people or organisations?

You are given the option to not allow us to share your details with anyone. If you are happy for us to share your details, we’ll put your event on the U.Dance Calendar of Events, where your contact details will be publically available on the U.Dance website, so that people can contact you about your performance. But we don’t share your details with other people or organisations for marketing purposes.

How do I enter a dance piece for the U.Dance Awards?

Click here for all the information.

How many performances can I register?

As many as you like, providing that they meet the criteria, see here.

How do I get a U.Dance Champions hoodie?

We are keen to reward the people who create these wonderful performance opportunities for children and young people in England. Therefore, if you organise and register three or more dance performances with U.Dance, then we’ll send you a special edition U.Dance Champion hoodie. You’ll also be listed in our U.Dance Champion’s Roll of Honour, where we hope to include some case studies of the performances and people who run them.


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