Youth Dance England has produced various publications around the themes of dance in education and the future development of children and young people's dance in England.



Delivering Dance Through the PE and Sport premium funding

*NEW* opportunity for dance teachers, artists and practitioners working in schools!

Delivering DANCE through the PE and Sports premium funding.

There is a new funding source that is being used by Primary schools to improve their dance offer. All schools have received at least £9k in September and will receive the same funding again next year.

We have created a fact-sheet for you, click here to download.

Dance Teaching and Learning: Shaping Practice 2nd Edition

Youth Dance England has published this book as part of its work in developing the Diploma in Dance Teaching and Learning (Children and Young People), as a member of the Dance Training and Accreditation Partnership. Candidates taking the Diploma, and
those studying other qualifications will find it to be of benefit.
Whether you are experienced or embarking on a career, this book offers information and guidance to help enrich your understanding and improve your practice.

Although written for those who work in extra-curricular, community, recreational and youth contexts in dance, this book will benefit a wide range of people, including: independent dance artists/practitioners; employees in a variety of dance organisations and companies; and PGCE students, and those enrolled in training and courses in dance education and related fields.

Contributions from twelve leading experts in the field provide:

The book is structured into 4 units to follow the DDTAL format. Flip through the contents of the book here.

Buy the BRAND NEW SECOND EDITION from Dance UK's website.

This publication has been produced with funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. 

Dance In and Beyond Schools - An essential guide to dance teaching and learning


First of its kind since 1993, this guide aims to give teachers and dance practitioners essential information and support on dance teaching and learning both in and beyond the school environment.

Includes advice on how to plan dance classes in a step-by-step fashion, how to develop individual and group skills, tips on how to inspire young people to create, watch and appreciate dance, and highlights the benefits of dance on young peoples' health.  

Would you like a hard copy of this publication? Please email to place your order.

Young People's Dance: A Ten Year Vision  

This collaborative publication sets a vision for the development of dance for children and young people in England for the next ten years.  

Download the Ten Year Vision.

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