Youth Dance England has now merged!

Thank you for visiting the Youth Dance England Website. As of 1 April 2016 Youth Dance England (YDE) has merged with Association of Dance of the African Diaspora, Dance UK and the National Dance Teachers Association to form One Dance UK, a new national dance organisation that provides an improved, joined-up service, to support everyone working in dance.

One Dance UK will continue the outstanding legacy of YDE by championing dance for children and young people’s in schools and beyond. The well-established programmes such as U.Dance, Young Creatives and Dance Ambassadors will continue to develop well into the future. Specialist provision will be created for children and young people’s dance within the new staff structure of One Dance UK. In addition, to ensure that specialist knowledge and advice is avaliable to One Dance UK, an Expert Panel has been formed so that we can continue to make the case for young people's dance, whatever their geographical location, level of ability or socio-ecnomic status.

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